Endermology Lipo Massage
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Essential points for an effective Lipomassage

Lipo-photo : Lipo-photo: Assessing the areas that need treated under the effect of gravity through a picture
Lipo-évaluation : Lipo-evaluation: Identifying and accurately targeting the fatty, disproportionate areas
Lipo-zoning : Lipo-zoning: Tracing the excessive areas and lines to follow on a pair of tights
Lipo-isolation : Lipo-isolation: Contracting muscles during treatment to carefully grab the fat fold.
You’ve tried everything to get rid of those unwanted and unflattering curves. In spite of it all, your figure holds on to those rebellious areas. Lipomassage, by Endermologie, is the solution for getting rid of cellulite, fatty areas and sagging skin. The non-invasive technique is painless and scientifically proven.

Depending on gender, the body stores fat in different ways and in different places.
 Women are genetically programmed to store fat (to anticipate pregnancy and breast feeding). From adolescence, flaws in the figure start to form. Moreover, after pregnancy and with age, the skin loses its elasticity…Lipomassage works on all of these issues.